Transpennine Cup Is Back

June 20, 2017

The Grosvenor Casino Sheffield Knights and Shaw Millionaires Ball Hockey Club will battle once again for the Trans Pennine Cup, on the 26th August at Skate Central Arena, Queens Road. (Face-Off 12PM)

This one-off game will not only form part of both clubs pre-season for the 2017/2018 but this game will be special as both teams will be raising money for the We love MCR emergency fund, after the horrific attack at the Manchester Arena on the 22nd May.

With members of both clubs using the Manchester Arena on numerous times in the past, it was agreed that the best method for both clubs to pay its respect, is by using the great relationship between both teams and putting on a hockey game that both clubs hope, will raise money for this worthy cause.
“it was one of those moments when you always remember where you were, the shock over what has happened, it never happens here you think, you only see it on tv, you go through a range of emotions. Firstly, thinking it can’t be happening, it must have been something else, to the thought, do I know anyone involved to how can I help. That’s been the defining feeling throughout all Mancunians, the desire to help, the community spirit, the caring. So when David and the Knights approached us about reinvigorating the Transpennine Cup and making it into a charity event to raise money for the Manchester funds, it was something that we know would be close to all the players hearts and something we know we had to do” Said chairman of Shaw Millionaires Rob Grant

“Playing a charity match for an incident that shocked the country is an hour to be a part of, with the players living only no more than 20/30 minutes away from where the tragedy happened, really hit home and touched everyone at the club. Members have been involved on a ground level in helping raise funds, members have been involved in the charity ice hockey game played at Altringham, and have got tattoos to raise money. It is a tragedy and a cause that is close to the heart of each and every one of our members and the game is one that the club as a whole is very excited to take part in and play it’s part in making it a success.”

Tom Wright Club Manager of the Sheffield Knights was reflective but excited about the game “The events in Manchester were shocking, saddening and tragic. Be we, as a nation have always pulled together in times of great difficulty, and this game is our way as hockey players to do our bit for those affected. Both players and management have a great rapport with the guys at Shaw, so when we hear about what had happened we felt it was only right that we united with them to help the victims and send a strong message we will not bow down to fear and terrorism.

Hockey players are good at getting together and raising money for charity and good causes, and has been demonstrated many times in Sheffield and Manchester and this game is no different. I hope everyone: staff players and supporters enjoy this match but, above all, reflect on what happened at the Manchester Arena and unit together in our support for the victims and our condemnation of the perpetrators”

We will be releasing further information about the game, including the unique jerseys that both the Knights and the Millionaires will be wearing on the 26th August. For further information follow us on our Social Media outlets (Facebook Transpennine Cup 2017 and Twitter @bhtpc2017)

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