Knights 100 club

Rules for the Sheffield Knights 100 Club:

• Numbers available are 1-100

• People can pick upto 3 numbers maximum

• Numbers need to have been paid for before the draw is made, if you have not paid and the draw is made, you cannot claim any winnings on that drawn number.

• Draw to be made with two witnesses to ensure that the draw is done correctly.

• The prize pot is 50% of the takings per week (I.E. if 40 numbers are sold, then the prize pot is £20)

• Maximum weekly prize is £50, with exceptions to when there is a roll over as explained below.

• If there is no winner of the draw, then 50% of the prize winnings, will be rolled over to the next week. This process will be repeated until there is a winner.

• You must be 16 or over to take part.