Highlights from the recent club meeting

March 3, 2017

Sheffield Knights Club Meeting

The Grosvenor Casino Sheffield Knights met up for their first club meeting of 2017. It had been a while since the last club meeting, and the club committee felt it would be a good idea to meet and discuss the club’s progress over the last few months. So, after a minor venue change and a short stop for some refreshments, the meeting was in full swing.

The meeting kicked off with a short speech by Head Coach David Grant, in which he commented on the excellent progression that the club has made both on and off the rink under some difficult conditions. This was followed by a short group discussion on any changes that may be made both during the season and in the off-season, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an update on this.

The topic of conversation then changed to consider the progress of both the Knights and Lancers, both within a league and club context. Throughout the season, and particularly in the last couple of months, the club has seen an increase in numbers in the team, and this is something that everyone hopes to see continue. We also hope to see the Lancers retain their Division 2 status, however if this is not to be, the club will make every push next year to ensure that the team regain their status the following year.

Following the ‘on-rink’ talks, the meeting then turned to the off-rink dimension of the club, led by Club Manager Tom Wright. The Knights have plans in place to search for new sponsors and have multiple ideas and packages available. The amount of fundraising throughout this season has been phenomenal, and this is something that we hope to see continue and increase throughout 2017.

The club are in a healthy financial position at this moment in time, and as a result have been able to offer some help to the players. This is something that can continue and increase if the team continue and increase fundraising efforts, and bring in new sponsors. This shows why it is paramount to the club’s finances that everybody within the club makes every effort to contribute to fundraising ideas, attend fundraising events and even think of possible future sponsors, a point stressed by club treasurer Jessica Vučak.

In furtherance to the point regarding an increase in numbers of players joining the club, the meeting also discussed the intentions to expand the club, including the confirmation that the club would be adding a women’s ball hockey team, before the end of 2017. The club stressed that once the club was ready to announce the full details behind this, a full club announcement would be made.

Finally, the club will be holding the Friendship Tournament in the summer of 2017, to help the players taking part in the UK Charity All Stars Tournament in July, with different teams being invited to the event. This is an event that was very successful last year, and was enjoyed by everybody involved. The discussion talked about including some new teams from last year, who would embody the spirit of which the tournament is meant for.

As more and more changes are being made within the club, make sure you keep yourself up to date by following the Sheffield Knights Facebook page and following @SheffKnights on Twitter.