Dave Stafford – The Knight we sent #15 to the rafters

August 9, 2018

19th May saw the Sheffield Knights hold an end of season Sheff Classico, with a difference. That day, the club raised the number 15 worn by David Stafford to ‘the rafters’ before the ‘Knights’ took on the ‘Lancers’ in an All-stars game including a skills contest.

Firstly, the club made a presentation to the wife of Dave Stafford Sarah, and club forward Andy with a couple of framed photo’s from last Decembers Dave Stafford Memorial Trophy (Presented by Ben Clarke, Aidan Paget and Michael Henderson) and the club presented the family with a replica of the jersey that Dave would have worn in the 17/18 season (presented by David Grant, Ashley Rose and Joe Wait)

Then the moment the number 15 could never be worn again as the shirt was raised to ‘the rafters’

After this, both teams (that had been drafted the previous week) put on an entertaining game of ball hockey in front of a good crowd at Simply Skate Arena.

We’d like to thank everyone for attending, either through playing or spectating. We raised a lot of money (£290) which went to one of Dave’s charity, the British Heart Foundation, and did the Stafford family proud.



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